The cast of A Murder is Announced, December 2023.
Phil Davies, Sue Corbin, Kellie English, John Dalby, Natalie Pettit, Ian Tapster, Francesca Sherren, Verity Leaver, Valerie Gray, Carolyn Carr, Iain Renfrew

The cast of Par for the Course, June 2023.
Phil Davies, Carol Smith, Valerie Gray, Iain Renfrew, Verity Leaver, Ian Tapster

The cast of But Why Bump Off Barnaby, taken after the last night's production on Saturday 1st April 2023.
Back row: Natalie Petit, Derek Strickland, Iain Renfrew, Ian Tapster, Valerie Gray
Front row: Maria Burden, Kellie English, Verity Leaver, Stuart Dickenson, Carol Smith

Snow White - the Pantomime
Our final production as the Horndean Amateur Theatrical Society, Merchistoun Hall, December 2019

Funny Money, April 2019

Dick Turpin - the Panto, April 2014

And This Was Odd, December 2014

Come On, Jeeves, December 2006

Two of the sets that we were proud to have created at Merchistoun Hall

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, 1996